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2015 – 2016 Season … Houseboating again!   AND  a Fly Away Trip!!

Houseboating will once again be in Sicamus.  Date will be the first or second week in September 2016.

As soon as the price is firmed up we’ll let you know how much it is.  Together with the team fees a guess is $100.00 per week per team x 31 weeks. ($3,100.00 per team for the year.. $2,449.00 for the houseboat plus $651.00 in team fees.)

Since we are talking money…  if your team is NOT going houseboating the team fees will be $21.00 per team per week x 31 weeks($651.00 per team for the year.)

Here are the results of our captains meeting in July:

Pool League Notes 2015-2016 season

2015-2016 season starts Tuesday, September 8, 2015. (Which is also the first day of Houseboating.)

Vegas is May 7 – 14, 2016. Thursday night playoffs will be scheduled as needed to allow players to compete in other tournaments.

We will have new score sheets, which will give the Home Team the extra break in the 5th round.

New and modified Rules:

The three person “committee” will have more power:

Wayne Campbell (403) 660-6826
Trish Gailliardo (403) 607-8384
Christine Thomas (403) 850-4188

No new players allowed on a team during the last 10 weeks of the regular season unless approved by the Committee. Subs are allowed during this time, but no new full time players.

Each team is allowed to accumulate 2 unplayed make up games at a time and is expected to schedule and must be made up within 4 weeks of the missed game. If not made up within the 4 weeks, the Committee will decide when and where it is to be played. If the Committee scheduled make up game is not played then the Committee will decide how the points are distributed.

If a third unplayed make up game is accumulated, that third make up game will be scheduled by the Committee. If the third make up game is not played as scheduled by the Committee, the Committee will decide how the points are distributed.

If you must find a sub for one of your players, the sub must have an average equal to or lower than the person for whom they are subbing. For example, if one of your players who has an 7.6 average needs a sub then the sub can have an 7.6 or lower average. Not an average higher than 7.6.

If someone is not ready to play when it is his or her turn, the captain of the other team can call for a time limit to the wait for tardy player. The clock starts and the missing player is given 2 minutes to become ready to play. If the missing player is not ready to play at the end of the 2 minutes the game is forfeit. The missing player receives a “0” score and the other player gets a “10” score but no personal stat is awarded (like a 10-zip, etc.). This rule is enforced even if only one of the two captains wants to use it.

It is ok for Master players to play on any of the teams during the season. However, Master players are not allowed to play in the playoffs except on a Thursday night team in the Thursday night playoffs.

Teams are expected to keep their dues paid up to date. Deadlines and punishments for non-compliance are to be established and enforced.

A complete schedule for the year can be found at Important Dates and Game Schedules.

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